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Scandinavian simplicity

Hemverk is a collection of wall clocks that unite form and function with their minimalist Scandinavian style and simplicity. The design is clean, simple and elegant, the better to highlight the most important function of the clock: to tell the time. After all, time is the most important feature.

All our clocks are produced and assembled by hand in a small workshop in Denmark, with great attention to detail. Every clock is made uniquely for each order, which ensures a responsible production process and avoiding overproduction. Their minimalist design gives our clocks a distinct character and there are many options for both clock hands and clock faces, combining colours and materials based on personal preferences.

Assembled by hand in Denmark

Today, the company is based in Herning in Denmark and all the clocks are assembled by hand at a small workshop using natural materials and are only available to order to avoid overproduction. Hemverk is a modern company and as far as possible, we want to manufacture responsibly and avoid using too much packaging. We do this by ensuring that the product packaging can also be used directly for shipping.