Stedger MARKET


As a Swiss wholesaler, we’re committed to connecting Swiss distributors and producers with the global market, showcasing the unparalleled quality and pioneering spirit of Swiss and European brands .

AlpsDiscovery recognizes the critical role of variety and quality in achieving business success. Therefore, we offer an extensive catalog of over 10,000 products across more than 10 varied categories, ensuring a wide range of choices for our clients.

Our selection includes:

Home & Deco: Transform spaces with our exquisite range of home decor and accessories. Kitchen & Bathroom: Discover premium kitchenware and bathroom essentials that perfectly blend functionality with elegance.

Bio & Eco Cosmetics: Dive into our selection of Bio Cosmetics, Swiss Cosmetics, and other beauty essentials, promising purity and effectiveness.

Toys & Educational Resources: Explore our array of toys and educational materials designed for both children and adults, aimed at enriching minds and fostering creativity.

Watches & Jewelry: Experience timeless elegance combined with modern sophistication through our collection of watches and jewelry.

Food & Beverages: Relish the rich flavors of Swiss and international wines, alongside a broad selection of gourmet foods and beverages.

Life-Enhancing Products & Food Additives: Discover products designed to improve well-being and enhance your culinary creations with our selection of food additives.

Outdoor & Sport Equipment: Equip yourself with our top-tier outdoor and sports equipment, ensuring both adventure and performance.

Artistic Creations: Discover a treasure trove of unique artistic creations, ideal for connoisseurs of fine details.

Hospitality: Upgrade your offerings with our Holidays Accommodation Vouchers in the Swiss Alps, guaranteeing unforgettable experiences.

We warmly invite you to showcase and sell our full product line via Stedger. Should you require any assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at +41 41 539 14 14 or via email at

Additionally, you are most welcome to visit our showroom in Nendaz, located in the beautiful ski resort of 4 Valais, Switzerland.