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ikitree brings timeless design with a material quality that decorates. This porcelain lighting creates a refined atmosphere. ikitree lamps are Dutch Design with Scandinavian roots and a Japanese calm influence. Handcrafted lighting that is unique and special without screaming for attention. The handmade porcelain emits the finest light possible. Balanced in warmth and pleasant to look at. For when you need decorative lamps that combine beauty and function seamlessly.

Porcelain lighting

These porcelain lamps are manufactured by hand in Utrecht, The Netherlands. By slipcasting porcelain these lamps are made with care and precision, leaving small differences in each item. In most products, the porcelain is carefully made so thin that the light softly shines through. Traces of the porcelain material and the handmade process become visible, making every ikitree product unique. The porcelain is selected to emit the most pleasant light with just the right color. This results in decorative lighting that is also very functional.

Designed to last

Just like tableware, these porcelain lamps can last a lifetime. With their timeless design, ikitree lamps are made to last aesthetically: calm and balanced; silently adding value through quality and design, all the while doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Functionally, all products are repairable by their design. Light sources can easily be sourced and exchanged because E14 fittings are used.